Welcome! is an internet-based service for Amateur Radio operators interested in VHF/UHF and microwave contesting. The rules have changed -- in all ARRL Contests above 50 MHz, you are now allowed to self-spot yourselves by any means available.

The challenge? Rovers (mobiles on the road, running between grid squares) don't have the time or energy to update multiple web sights or applications. Fixed stations do not want to have to look at a ton of computer screens to see where rovers are, and what their status is.

We have an answer: The huge social messaging site Twitter! What if you could simply tweet your location and status information, and have your information automatically propagated to APRS-IS (and to) as well as the world-wide DX Cluster system, automatically?

One Tweet:

Equals: DX Cluster:


You can access twitter from any device: a simple flip phone over SMS, or a Twitter App. All you need to do is sign up for a Twitter account. When you do, don't forget to associate your mobile number. There's a great page describing how to set up for tweeting via SMS. If you do not have a messaging plan on your cell phone, it can get expensive!

Here's the tweet format:

#rvrstatus YOURCALL GRID|LAT!LONG FREQ message

- YOURCALL is your callsign. Upper or lower case. You can add /R or /r if you are a rover.
- GRID is your Maidenhead grid square -- six characters preferred, but four is OK if that's all you know. OR
- LAT!LONG is your decimal latitude and longitude, with an exclamation point in between.
- FREQ is your frequency. Express as KHz or MHz (144200 or 144.200, for example. Only use ham-band frequencies).
- message is a free for message: "QRV 2304.1 now", "At new grid", etc.

How about a custom application for your Android, iPhone or Windows Phone?

Well, here's the screenshots for the Android Version. If you have verison 4.03 or later of the Android OS (95% of you), you can download the APK here The Android version has been updated and now allows posting via Twitter. Note that the code is ALPHA level, but seems to be working fairly well. Right now it only uses SMS fror sending to twitter -- so don't use if you don't have an unlimited messaging plan.

Make sure you have set up Twitter and associated your phone with your Twitter account or it won't work.

Enjoy! feedback to gerry-ar-w1ve-com. (Thanks to my good friend Carl at Jarleysoft for the help.)

When an update is submitted, the map on the screen is centered aroud your location.

73, gerry@w1ve-dot-com